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How to Select Peas


Peas are the ultimate sign of spring’s arrival. They have a very short season, so when you see them, pounce.

The fresh pea is a small, round green vegetable, which is grown in a pod and is generally harvested in the early summer. The fresh pea is grown to be removed from the pod and eaten raw or cooked.

Fresh peas

Select peas with smooth, bright green pods that contain a good number of seeds that are small in size, and avoid pre-shelled.

Pod peas: Select peas with bright green, crisp pods that are not damaged, soft or shriveled.

Snow peas

Should have flat pods with tiny seeds that are hardly visible. Choose fresh, bright-looking sprouts and tendrils that aren’t faded or yellow.

Sugar snap peas 

Should have mature seeds that are large enough to make the pod appear bumpy. Choose those peas with firm, crisp pods; small scars are okay.

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