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IQF Red Color Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Strawberry

Both red color inside and outside,  Size 15-25mm/25-35mm/over 35mm,  Packing in 1x10kgs/ctn, 10x1kg/ctn, or per as customer requested Crop season from May to July. Convenient to make cake or Yogurt or Juice or Concentrate.

Chinese Frozen Cooked Soybean With Shell
Frozen Soybean In Pods

Features: 1. Natural and pure soybean, without impurities, integrated shape 2.Hygiene, microorganism and pesticide levels all meet export standards 3.Season:June 4.Store temperature: below -18 5.Shelf life: 24 months 6.Selected top quality material come from certificated and long term cooperation farm; 7.Advanced prosessing technology, without impurities, integrated shape; 8. Hygiene, microorganism and pesticide levels all meet export standards; 9. Season:June 10. Packing: 10kg/ctn or as per customer's require.

Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels
Frozen Yellow Sweet Corn Kernels Whole

 Blanched sweet corn kernels  which from fresh raw material,very A grade, no foreign matter, no rotten kernels, no insect damage, no chemicals are allowed at any stages of processing, fit for human consumption.

Top Quality Frozen Sweet Corn Cobbettes
Frozen Sweet Corn Cobbettes

Variety: Jinefei, Super Sweet, Zhongtian Length:5-8cm, Dia>4cm Packing:1x10kgs/ctn, 1x8pcs/vacuum bag or per as customers requirement Quality: Very A grade , NON GMO, from certificated farms Shelf Life: 24 months under 18 degrees    

Nameko Mushroom In Brined in China
Nameko Mushroom In Brined

The nameko mushrooms in brine are made of fresh,healthy,carefully cleaned,pure-sorted blanched raw material.Farmers cultivated.They are free of animal damage like wormcaries,damages and black discolorations.Whole mushrooms,closed caps. With typical,yellow-brown color, Mushrooms are not broken or flattered.

Cultivated IQF Nameko Mushroom
IQF Frozen Pholiota Nameko Mushroom

Produced from fresh nameko mushrooms which have been clean washed and individually quick frozen.  Country of Origin: China, successfully export to EU, Russian, Asia, and other countries.

Variety Kinds of Colorful Mixed Vegetables
Frozen Mixed Vegetables(3 Types)

  The mixed vegetables Clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue,damaged or rotten raw material, processed in the experienced factories, and supervised by our QC team.   We can mixed different types of vegetables base on your demands, such as 3 types, 4 types, 5 types, 6 types.

New Crop Frozen Blackberry Fruits
Frozen Blackberry

Frozen Blackberry Made from 100% IQF Blackberries, which from cultivated one under Hull variety. Its fully mature ripe IQF blackberries which are quick frozen, uncalibrated size, products to be fully produced by long term cooperation and experienced factory.   It's Yummy and Convenient to make Yogurt or juice or concentrate.

White Natural Frozen Garlic Diced
Frozen Garlic Cubes

1. Process of manufacture: (1) The materials are clearly washed and manually detected to remove skins before produced. (2) The garlic dices is packed in  food grade polylined cartons then quick block frozen, later the core temperate reaches minus 18 degrees   2. Storage and shelf life conditions: Products are kept at a temperature of minus 18DC or less to maintain it's required condition and attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs. 3. Physical Description: (1) Color: typical white color of garlic (2) Odour: Typical of garlic puree , without foreign taints and odours. (3) Flavour: Characteristic of garlic puree. (4) Without foreign materials such as insects, soils, glass, hair etc. Frozen garlic dices and slices hot sale   4. Chemical Description: Product is free from additives and preservatives, product complies with Austrlian legislation currently in force regarding the use of pesticides in food products.  

Pineapple from China
Frozen Pineapple Diced

Frozen Pineapple Diced Specification: 1. Size: 10x10mm, 15x15mm,20x20mm 2. Variety: Philippine. 3. Brix: over 11 degrees 4. Crop season: Mar. to May, Sep. to Nov. 5. Shelf life: 24 months under -18 degrees

Frozen Fresh Garlic Cloves
New Crop Frozen Garlic Segments

1. Raw material clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue,damaged or rotten ones; 2.Processed in the experienced factories; 3.Supervised by our QC team; 4.Our products have enjoyed good reputation among the clients from Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Middle east, USA and Canada. 5.The quotation will be send to you according to your request,such as the size, gram, package request and so on

IQF Cultivated Blueberry

IQF Plant Blueberry Specification: 1. Size: 13-18mm, below 12mm 2. Variety: Northland, bluecrop, Blomidon. 3. Crop season: from Aug. 4. Shelf life: 24 months under -18 degrees 5. Product is GMO free 6. Freeze under -18℃

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