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Best Foods For Brain Health - Asparagus


Asparagus contains high levels of folic acid, that helps promote a faster metabolism for the long chain fatty acids inside of your brain. In addition, asparagus also contains dietary fiber, beta carotene and vitamins A, E, and K. You can purchase asparagus at supermarket in spring, it’s native to areas in Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa.


In most cases, asparagus is served as an appetizer. However, it’s often served as a part of stir fry throughout Asian cuisines. There are many different ways you can successfully showcase asparagus in a way that won’t drain all of its nutrients. Such as fresh asparagus salad, garlic roasted asparagus, garlic asparagus flatbread, and grilled asparagus soup. All of these dishes are healthy and also great ways to incorporate asparagus and the nutrients that they provide into your daily diet.

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